Sea Pines Neighborhood Improvements & Flood Abatement & Lafitte Drive Stormwater Improvements

Pasco County, FL


sea-pines-1Land & Water Engineering Science assessed flooding conditions and developed a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for potential improvements in the Sea Pines Neighborhood. The Sea Pines Basin is part of the Hammock Creek Watershed that encompasses an area of 50 square miles. The study covered an area of 744.40 Acres. The objective was to provide comprehensive tools in the planning and development of alternative solutions for flood protection of the neighborhood, roadway improvements, and profile adjustments. The PER recommended two (3) major projects:

The Sea Pines Neighborhood Improvements & Flood Abatement (a $12 Million improvement) consists of major conveyance ways in the southern portion of the neighborhood to include open channel design, large diameter pipe design, box culverts, water quality treatment ponds and LID, retention basin design, and wetland assessment and storage. For this project, LWES:

  • Provided roadway improvements where profiles were raised for drainage, flood protection, and pipe crossings.
  • Conducted all utility coordination for relocation of water mains and gravity sewer lines as necessary.
  • Provided support in identifying all easement and property acquisition needs
  • Supported the County with a Cooperative Funding Application with the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

sea-pinesThe project provides level of service protection for over 16 residential structures and access to local and collector roads.

The Lafitte Drive Stormwater Improvements ( an $8 Million improvement) focuses on the northern portions of the Sea Pines neighborhood and consists of

  • (2) Retention Basin Design
  • Roadway Improvements
  • Large Diameter Pipe Design, and a
  • Large Open Channel to serve as a new surface flow outfall for the neighborhood.

seapinesThis project will provide structural flooding level of service protection to 13 additional residential structures and enhance access to the neighborhood by improving drainage conditions along roadways that frequently flood.

The third project consisting of neighborhood improvements is planned to start in 2025.